About Beauty Kin
Kin : A definition

Family, kindred, race, people, akin, allied, connections

Your vibe attracts your tribe...and our tribe is solid. We’ve gone old school with our bars BUT this time we’ve introduced modern science to bring you concentrated skincare and cleansing in one bar.

Often when you're being sold something environmentally sound you have to sacrifice something - it won't work as well or it'll put you out somehow. There's always a catch. Not so with us. Join the Kin and you'll get concentrated skincare with no compromises.

We don't retouch our pics, we only test on humans and we're vegan friendly too. So, welcome to soap 2.0 (not like the soap your Nan had where the label stayed on the top for twenty years!)

100% created by us to tackle common skin issues. I hope you love them as much as I do.
A few things you might want to know about us...

• All our packaging is fully recyclable.

• We're Vegan Society accredited, RSPO certified, and Cruelty-Free.

• Our coconut bases are sourced from suppliers that don't use monkey labour.

•Our bars use 90% less water to manufacture than gels and liquid soaps.

• Our high-quality active ingredients are included at levels that are proven to be effective

Information about each of our ingredients and what they do can be found on our product pages.

•All our bars are created and manufactured in the UK.

- Nada Ward. Beauty Kin Founder (mature skin with the occasional back blemish).
Kin Values
kin value Vegan Society Certified
kin value Cruelty-Free International Certified
kin value RSPO Certified
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