What are Beauty Kin about ?
A few things you might want to know about us...

• All our ingredients are carefully chosen to target specific skin issues

• All our packaging is fully recyclable - we are completely PLASTIC FREE

• We're Vegan Society accredited, RSPO certified and Cruelty-Free accredited

• Our bars use 70% less water to manufacture than gels and liquid soaps - and we're working on being even better...

• Our ingredients are included at effective levels that are proven to work

• You can find out all about our ingredients, and why they're incldued, on our product pages

• All our bars are created and manufactured in the UK

Kin : A definition
Family, kindred, race, people, akin, allied, connections

We're called Beauty KIN as we're on a mission to turn bath and shower time into an experience for everybody. We're helping rid the world of plastic whilst helping your skin feel great. Each bar is tailored to provide a specific solution and unlike regular soap, Beauty Kin bars won't dry your skin out.

"I wanted to create a set of plastic-free products that actually did something, were environmentally friendly, felt luxurious, looked great, but were an everyday staple, accessible to all. I want to build a community of people that not only care about the environment, they also care about decent results from their skincare. I don't mind if you call them soap BUT, they're SOAP WITH BENEFITS! 100% created to tackle the issues our skin sometimes encounters, I hope you love them as much as I do. Join the Kin"
- Nada Ward. Beauty Kin Founder (mature skin with the occasional back blemish).
Kin Values
kin value Vegan Society Certified
kin value Cruelty-Free International Certified
kin value RSPO Certified