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Posted by Beauty Kin Admin on Mar 19, 2023

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Banish Beard Dandruff

Whether it’s an important business meeting, a first date or meeting up with someone you haven’t seen in a while, we know that first impressions are king. You can make sure your outfit is looking sharp, your breath is fresh and your hair is tamed. One thing that isn’t easy to guarantee is how your skin decides to behave on the day. Before you know it, you’re doing your last-minute checks in the mirror and you see it. Little flakes of skin down your front…

What is beard dandruff?

Dandruff in facial hair is the same condition as dandruff on the scalp. Its scientific name is seborrheic dermatitis and as the dermatitis part of its name might suggest, it’s a skin condition that is characterised by itchy, flaky skin.

It’s essentially caused by an overload of dead skin cells. Your skin is home to a microbe called Malassezia globose, which is a fungus responsible for breaking down sebum (oil) in your skin. The microbe grows in typically more oily areas such as the scalp and face. When the microbe does its job of breaking down the oil from your skin, it leaves behind a substance called oleic acid. This can irritate some people’s skin, resulting in itching and redness. In addition, dandruff occurs when the cell turnover in your skin is quicker than the typical 30-day cycle, leading to an abundance of dead skin cells, which appear as flakes. Flakes without the irritation and redness of the skin are probably just the result of dry skin, rather than dandruff. Beauty Kin’s Soothing Bar is the perfect treat for dry, itchy skin in need of some special attention.

Beard Dandruff

How do I get rid of it?

The simplest solution to banishing dandruff from your beard is to take care of it properly, cleanse daily with our Soothing Bar which contains pre-, pro- and post-biotics that work with the skin's microbiome to soothe irritation. Lather up and leave on your beard for a few minutes before rinsing off.

Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells to clear the way for new, healthy skin. You can use a soft-bristled brush for this, which will also re-distribute the oils in your beard and can leave facial hair softer.


If your skin is particularly dry, effective moisturising is a must. Many beard owners use a beard oil to keep their beard moisturised. However, beard oils can aggravate skin conditions, so doing some research on what your skin type needs is worth it. It’s a good idea to moisturise immediately after cleansing, as your pores will be more receptive to nourishment.

Safe shaving

Of course, you could just let your beard grow out and never take a razor to it. As long as you keep it clean and soft, there’s no reason not to do this! However, if you prefer a shorter beard or the clean-shaven look, it’s important to shave in a manner that isn’t going to irritate your skin.

A healthy lifestyle

It may not sound like it has anything to do with beard dandruff but getting enough sleep and eating healthily are essential to overall body health. Vitamins B3, B7, D, C, E and K have all been linked to beard and skin health.

How to prevent beard dandruff

It’s a good idea to listen to your skin. Does it feel tight or itchy? If it looks like dandruff might be returning, take some time to give your beard some love.

Dandruff is also likely to be worse in humidity and cold weather, so you may find that you’ll need a richer moisturiser in winter.


Get rid of beard dandruff with Beauty Kin!

Our Soothing Bar is designed to heal sensitive, damaged skin, so it’s perfect for eliminating beard dandruff. It is full of prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics that work with the skin rather than against it, ensuring that the nourishing ingredients will be your skin’s best friend. It’s pH-balanced as well as being free from soap and fragrance, so you can lather up your beard and be confident that any dry or irritated areas are covered.

Beard dandruff can be an unsightly and uncomfortable condition but you can enjoy the benefits of a beard without having to worry about your skin. It just takes a little time and tender loving care!

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